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We encourage you to go to a Fender Repair Center to obtain your replacement decals whenever possible.  While not vintage correct, in most cases the decals available from Fender will do the job.  It should be noted that they are currently providing the re-issue only version for many models, and have a limited range of years and models available for the rest.

The Fender decals found on this website can be a more accurate alternative.  Each headstock decal has been carefully recreated based on actual vintage instruments from the 1950's through the 1970's, using real metallic Gold or Silver ink.  Our waterslide decals are not cheap knockoffs.  They are very high quality, historically correct reproductions.  Please note that we have no association with Fender other than restoring, repairing and owning their vintage guitars and basses.

Thank you!


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Every order includes two waterslide decals of the same model and year (sorry, no substitutions).  We normally ship in 24 to 48 hours via First Class U.S. Mail or International Air Mail.

Shipping and handling charges are $1.25 for the U.S. and $2.50 for International orders, anywhere in the world.  Upgraded Priority and Express Mail shipping is also available on checkout if you would like faster delivery.


We believe in the quality and accuracy of our work.  If you're not happy with the decals when they arrive, simply return them for a full refund.  That's it.  We're confident you will want to keep them!

The decals are pre-coated with acrylic lacquer and are ready to install.  You will have to cut out the decal shape out from the decal square.  Easy to follow detailed application instructions are provided online for a professional finish.