Frequently Asked Questions


Are these genuine Fender waterslide decals?
All decals are based on actual vintage Fender guitars and basses, not reissues or copies of other decals, but they are not produced by Fender Corp.  In most cases you will find that they are more vintage accurate than replacement decals from Fender.  We have no association with Fender.

How good are your decals?

We don't think you will find a more accurate or higher quality decal for your Fender repair or restoration.  Unlike other decals out there, these are not created using a cheap laser or inkjet printer.  The decals are made using metallic silver or gold ink, like the originals.  Something that cannot be duplicated by a laser or inkjet printer.  The pictures on this site are just to illustrate each model - the decals actually look way better in terms of color, sharpness and clarity!  It's difficult to capture the quality of the decals in a photo.

Are they ready to install?

Yes, the decals are pre-coated with acrylic lacquer so they are ready to install. You will have to cut out the decal shape out from the decal square. Just cut out an organic shape closely around the graphic. A sharp pair of scissors works great for this. Soak in water and then apply to the headstock.

Strat Outline     Tele Outline

The shape is not that critical, as Fender used a couple of printers with several plants, resulting in a lot of variation in the decals. Other than that they are ready to apply. We do recommend covering them with a protective top coat of nitro or acrylic clear lacquer after installation. We provide a webpage with detailed instructions for applying the decals with or without a topcoat.

Do you guarantee your decals?

Yes!  If you're not happy with the decals when they arrive, simply return them for a full refund.  It's that simple.  We're confident you will want to keep them!

Can I order two different decals for my set of two?

We like to keep it simple and have all the models and years available at the same price, regardless of the size or complexity of the decal (or whether it includes the contour body decals).  Selling two of the same decal per order helps average the costs, which keeps the price lower overall for everyone.  Also, having built and restored many guitars, we think it’s very handy to have a spare decal around, just in case something goes wrong.  We hope you can appreciate my perspective on this.

How long will it take to get my order?

We try to ship all orders in 24 to 48 hours.  Orders Friday evening and over the weekend may take a bit longer.  If there is a delay for some reason, we will email you and let you know.  If you need it fast, please upgrade to Priority or Express Mail.  The U.S. Post Office is very erratic these days on delivery times for regular First Class mail.  Orders average around a week across the U.S. However, when they are slow to arrive the average can be two weeks.  There is nothing we can do about these delays. The days of mail always getting across country in under a week are long gone.

Shipping and handling charges are $1.25 for the U.S. and $2.50 for International orders anywhere in the world.  If you order 3 or more sets for U.S. delivery, shipping is automatically upgraded to Priority Mail at $6.45.  International orders of 4 or more sets are automatically upgraded to International Priority Mail at $32.95.  For order tracking, you will need to upgrade to Priority Mail in the U.S. and International Express Mail outside the U.S.

The shipping upgrade on larger orders is due to the packaging limitations of a standard business envelope and First Class Mail.  If you would like to avoid these automatic upgrades on larger orders, just place more than one order to reduce the number of decals per order.

If you need faster shipping for smaller orders, please select Priority or Express Mail from the shipping pull down menu in the shopping cart.

Do you have current model Fender waterslide decals?

No. We do not carry any current Fender models, serial numbers, "made in USA", or Fender Custom Shop decals, so please don't email requesting these items.